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About Us

The old hand crafted skills of yesterdays
woodworker are hard to find and duplicate.
But in the tiny hamlet of Day, Florida, there is
a small one-man shop that harkens back to
the time honored hand-tooled disciplines.

“Machines do a great job and we use them”,
says Uncle Bob, owner of LaFayette Custom
Woodworks (LCW), “but there are times when
only the hand tool skill can get the job done.
We do not manufacture, we build a product to
customer specifications and design
concepts. We believe in wood joinery that
uses dovetail, mortises, splines, dowels,
quality hardwood glue ups and the like.
This makes for long life cabinets, generations
will enjoy and cherish.”

Robert Burns, Sr. (Bob), from Bucks County, PA is a
self taught cabinet maker since 1957. With a
passion for one of natures more perfect gifts, he prefers
northern hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut, Ash
and Birds-eye Maple for most furniture.
Mahogany, Teak, River Bottom Yellow Pine and Heart Cypress for doors and trim.

Please check back with us for more information, and do not hesitate to contact us
if you have any questions.

Email Us | Phone: (386) 294-3415 | We are located in Day, Florida.

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